I don't know how to look at it today string Of == The problem of , I think it's still a problem for me to judge whether several strings are equal at this level ? ha-ha , There's really a big problem , The root cause is right java I don't know about bytecode .

First ,== The operator compares whether the memory address of the object pointed to by two variables is the same , For the same true, The difference is false, So the problem becomes to analyze whether the memory address of the string is the same ;

(1) String objects in the heap and strings in the string constant pool

String s1 = "a";
String s2 = new String("a");

The result is :false

reason :s1 This declaration adds a new one to the string constant pool “a” String object ,s2 In this way, a "a" String object ; So their memory addresses are not the same .

(2) Two string objects in the heap

String s1 = new String("a");
String s2 = new String("a");

The result is :false

reason : Two different objects must have different memory addresses .

(3) Strings in two constant pools

String s1 = "a";
String s2 = "a";

The result is :true

reason : The string constant pool is designed like this : When you add a string to the measurement pool, you will first judge whether you already have this string , The way to judge is equals; therefore s1、s2 Is the same string referenced , Same memory address .

(4)string.intern() Method

String s1 = "a";
String s2 = new String("a").intern();

The result is :true

reason :intern Method puts the string object into the constant pool , So the same as (4).

(5) Add variables and strings

String s1 = "a";
String s2 = "b";
String s3 = "ab";
String s4 = s1+s2;

The result is :false

reason : When adding variables instead of strings , Because we only know the string reference, we don't know the specific string value ,jvm Actually StringBuilder Of append Method , And then through toString Method returns the value of the string ,toString The method is as follows :

public String toString() {
// Create a copy, don't share the array
return new String(value, 0, count);

therefore , The reason is the same as (1).

If there are other situations, I will not list them , Just go and see java Bytecode can understand why this is the case , At the end of the day , In addition to helping people understand java Memory model , Nothing else is going to work , Oh no , You can still pretend .

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