To start on purpose , have access to raise sentence , Form the following :

raise <name>  #manually trigger an exception

raise<name>,<value> #pass extra data to catcher too

raise  #re-raise the most recent excepti

The second form can pass additional data along with the exception , To provide details for the processor .

assert <test>,<data>  #<data> Optional.

if __debug__:

if not <test>:

raise AssertionError, <data>

stay 2.6 And later versions with/as

with expression [as varible]:


ad locum expression It returns an object , To support environmental management agreement . If you choose as Clause , This object can also return a value , Assign to variable name variable.

Be careful :variable Not assigned to expression Result . and varible It's assigned to something else . then ,expression The returned object can be found in with-block Prior to the start , Start the startup program first , And after the code block is complete , Execution abort program code , Whether or not the code throws an exception .

wiht open(r'C:\python\scripts') as myfile:

  1. for line in myfile:
  2. print line
  3. line = line.repalce('spam','SPAM')

with How statements actually work :

1. Calculation expression , The resulting object is the environment manager , He has to have __enter__,__exit__ Two methods .

2. Environment manager's __enter__ Method will be called . If as There is , Its return value is assigned to as The latter variable , otherwise , To be discarded .

3. The code nested in the code block executes .

4. If with Code blocks throw exceptions ,__exit__(type,value,traceback) Method will be called . These are also caused by
sys.exec_info Return the same value . If this method returns false , The exception is raised again . otherwise , The exception will abort . Normally, an exception should be raised again , That's how it goes to
with Out of statement .

5. If with The code block did not throw an exception ,__exit__ Method will still call , Its type、value as well as traceback Parameters will be None Pass on .

with/as Sentence design , It's to make sure that the start and stop activities that have to happen around the program code block will happen . and try/finally sentence ( Whether an exception occurs or not, its leave action is executed ) similar , however with/as There are richer object protocols , You can define the actions of entering and leaving .

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