Java_ encapsulation
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classification ( layered ) thought

dao layer ( Data access layer ): The operation of data management ( increase 、 Delete 、 Change 、 check ). database 、 Array 、 aggregate

service layer ( The business layer ): Do some specific business operations

controller( Control layer ): To receive user data , Leave it to the business layer for processing .

domain layer ( Entity class ): Used to encapsulate data

JavaBean Class has the following rules :

1) Privatization member variable

2) To have a null parameter construction method

3) Want to have get and set Method


Definition of package and leading package

1. What is a bag ?

Packages are essentially folders , It's for class files (.java) Classified management

2. Definition package

package Package name ; // Don't write it yourself ,idea It will be automatically replenished

3. Access to classes between different packages

import Package name ; // Tell compiler , Go to which folder to find this class

give an example :  import java.util.Random;

4. If there are many kinds of duplicate names , You can use the full class name to distinguish

java.util.Random r=new java.util.Randm();

java.util.ArrayList<String> list=new java.util.ArrayList<>(); 


 static Features of keywords

1.static Modified variables can be shared by all objects of this class

2. By static Decorated variable 、 Methods can be called directly by class names

3. Static is loaded as the class is loaded , Prior to the existence of objects

matters needing attention :

1. Static methods can only access static methods or static variables

2. There must be no errors in static methods this keyword

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