Developer tools for testing APIs and generating documentation
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More and more development teams are building and using API, People are paying more and more attention to the things that are easy to use and work as expected API. Quality and ease of use are the factors that affect API The biggest factor in adoption , Developers are building new API You need to take them into account when you do . As the situation changes , Developers want to improve API The quality and readability of , Using simple on the cloud API The need for testing and document generation tools becomes obvious .

The three main goals of developers

1. Perform simple API test

Developers are often asked to double check during development API Whether it works as expected , They need a simple way to verify the work , Without destroying the existing development process and framework .

Use Eolinker, Developers can easily call any API, And see if the response is as expected .Eolinker concise UI It enables developers to test quickly without learning or changing the workflow .

How to perform simple tests ?
Sign in Eolinker, Fill in the... To be tested API Test with the required parameters , You can see the relevant response information in a few seconds .

2. Generate API file

API standard ( It's now used to design and document API Industry standards for ) It's being widely adopted , simplify API Develop and improve API Consume . Developers always need to start from existing API Manually generated in the code base API file , It's a tedious process .Eolinker Allows synchronization of code repositories and generation of API file . It only needs a few simple steps to generate API file , This saves valuable development time .

How to synchronize existing API?
Sign in Eolinker, Select auto generate API Document function , Synchronize against existing sources . Multiple sources can be selected , And merge their documents into the same API In the document .

3. monitor API

As developers continue to integrate their applications with API Integrate , And it needs to be constantly updated API, And related requests and responses , monitor API Is an important step to ensure the stable operation of the program .Eolinker Do this by providing a visual console , In order to be in API Quick positioning when an error occurs .

How to monitor API?
Sign in Eolinker, stay API The monitoring module adds a new one to be monitored API, Then turn on the monitor . New API After monitoring ,Eolinker I'll give you feedback in real time API What's the response to , So as to find problems more quickly .


Whether it's simple manual testing on the cloud , Or generate API file , Are essential tools , The powerful functions it contains are API The development process helps .

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