from :

Before that 2 I've seen it in this book with as A simple example of clause , I didn't find any information on the Internet .

Today I want to sum up , The main explanation is as follows :

【 Large tables are updated in batches 】

【 Large tables are deleted in batches 】

【 Only one line remains in a completely duplicate line 】

  1. -- Create test table
  2. --  DROP TABLE [tabName]
  3. SELECT * INTO [tabName] FROM sys.objects
  4. SELECT * FROM [databaseName].[dbo].[tabName] ORDER BY name desc

    1. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    2. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    3. 【 Large tables are updated in batches 】
    4. When a web page needs to be upgraded , The database needs to add fields or update field values , For large meters, it will be blocked for a long time .
    5. Generally, fields are added first, which are allowed to be null value , Update the default values in the table , Add constraints again
    6. For example, the test table should be principal_id Updated to 0, Here's the easiest way to update :
    7. ;WITH TAB AS(
    8. SELECT TOP 10 principal_id FROM [dbo].[tabName] where principal_id is null
    9. )update TAB set principal_id = 0
    10. To update fields principal_id Just take one . Before each selection 10 Row update null by 0, You can create scheduled job updates .
    11. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    12. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    13. 【 Large tables are deleted in batches 】
    14. For some data maintenance, you need to delete more data , The table is large and many users are still using it .
    15. Generally, create a job and delete it at night , Or delete by a field segment .
    16. More convenient method can also choose to meet the conditions before deleting N That's ok
    17. ;WITH TAB AS(
    18. SELECT TOP 10 principal_id FROM [dbo].[tabName] where principal_id is null
    20. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    21. ---------------------------------------------------------------
    22. 【 Only one line remains in a completely duplicate line 】
    23. -- Insert to produce duplicate lines
    24. INSERT INTO [tabName]
    25. SELECT TOP 50 PERCENT * FROM [databaseName].[dbo].[tabName]
    26. SELECT * FROM [databaseName].[dbo].[tabName] ORDER BY name desc
    27. The most used cases on the Internet , All specify that a column must be unique , In order to use a statement to delete other duplicate .
    28. For exactly the same line , Most represent creating a temporary table to transition operations .
    29. The following uses “with  Clause   and  ROW_NUMBER() function ” To delete completely duplicate rows
    30. ,partition When grouping, you can select a column ( Or all columns ) Group sort
    31. ;WITH TAB AS(
    32. SELECT ROW_NUMBER()over(partition by object_id order by (select 0)) id
    33. FROM [dbo].[tabName]

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